Spend healthier with eValue8
eValue8 prepares easy-to-compare performance reports that allow participants to assess health care vendors on a local, regional and national basis. With the resulting information, participating coalitions, purchasers, and plans will all be able to improve their management, administration, and/or delivery of health care services.  Reports help:

  • Identify results-oriented health plans and networks
  • Designate "best in class" vendors
  • Determine health care consumer/employee education opportunities
  • Develop targeted strategies for improving results in future years
  • Inform rate negotiations and set performance guarantees
  • Create collaborative community based health quality improvement intiatives

Reduce time and expense, and gain assurances
The eValue8 tool significantly reduces expense, time, paperwork, and outside resources typically associated with gathering, analyzing, and reporting health care performance data. With eValue8, participants can build on a foundation for continuous quality improvement and value-based purchasing that is shaped by the best thinking in the country other purchasers in local, regional, and national markets.


Join a collective voice for purchaser expectations
As more coalitions and purchasers use eValue8, health care plans, vendors, and administrators spend less time and resources responding to multiple requests for information and more time focusing on the quality and performance measures purchasers want. In addition, the focused performance expectations of eValue8 clearly and explicitly encourage vendors to adopt the best in leading edge improvement and health care quality strategies The national database of responses from health plans also creates unequaled opportunities for comparison, continuous improvement, and research to increase health care purchasing value.  For a list of recent reports using eValue8 results, click here.


Getting Started

Getting started with eValue8 is easy!  Using a standardized request for information (RFI) survey, eValue8 gathers vendor-specific health care information from all types of health plans. This information and resulting vendor profile is then available to be analyzed by NBCH trained reviewers and scored based on best practice standards. In addition, a "Strengths and Opportunities" summary is prepared for each evaluated plan and in many cases, an on-site review is hosted by participating coalitions and purchasers. This in-depth review process leads to ongoing quality improvement by vendors and increased health care value for purchasers. To get started, please contact Foong-Khwan Siew.

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